"I want to thank Gareth for the inspection he did on the car that I eventually bought. Being a private sale, I was quite nervous of the risks involved and based on the professional presentation of the website decided to book an inspection. 

Gareth was thorough, professional and knowledgeable from start to finish and did the job at very short notice too. Photos were provided and the information presented in a detailed report giving me the peace of mind I wanted. Even the seller was so impressed she asked for his card!  

I will definitely use his services again in the future and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone thinking of doing the same."

"I live in Tipperary and was looking to buy a used car in NI, due to the great value in Sterling at present.
I know nothing about cars mechanically or cosmetically, so for peace of mind I wanted to get my prospective purchase checked out by a professional in NI.
I found Gareth Gillespie Car Assessors on google, and I used him to carry out 3 car inspections in total for me.
This allowed me to look at the purchase process dispassionately, and I could trust his recommendation, without having to go up and look at the car(s) myself.
On the first 2 inspections I commissioned him to do Gareth found issues with the cars, so I didn't proceed with the purchase of them.
The third inspection he carried out for me was the perfect car for me, so I bought that immediately, without even seeing it !
I went up on the bus the next day and brought the car home. It was just the car I wanted.
I would highly recommend Gareth Gillespie Assessors for his professionalism, flexibility and diligence in car inspections. He is very thorough and is a pleasure to deal with, and he will go out of his way to help you out"
GL, Tipperary.
august 2017

Being overseas,  and my inexperience in cars, resulted in relying on a company to personally inspect my dream car. Thankfully, I came across Gareth Gillespie Assessor, through the Institute of the Motor Industry.  He was not only willing to work on a tight schedule, as well as provide a detailed inspection with photos, but to also take the time to call and guide me through the process of inspecting the car, and answer any questions that I had.

I would highly recommend Gareth Gillespie Assessors, for their attention to detail, a thorough understanding of what the customer is looking for, as well as accommodate the customer's schedule!



We are very pleased with the service you provided and the quality and quantity of images you supplied.  We will recommend your services to anyone we know who wants to have a car assessed in Northern Ireland and wherever else you operate. 
Mike & Brenda